Programme Analyst – Jobs and Skills in the Circular Economy

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Circle Economy

At Circle Economy, we believe it is time for a new economic approach: the circular economy.

We are a social enterprise with an international team that develops practical and scalable solutions to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy. We are growing rapidly both in the Netherlands and around the world through strategic partnerships with governments, cities, and businesses.

We have dedicated programmes for cities, textiles, the built environment, finance and circular design, and have now started one on jobs and skills in the circular economy.

The mission of the programme on circular jobs and skills is to safeguard a positive transition to the circular economy for work and workers. We are looking for a highly motivated, detail-oriented and organised programme analyst with a background in social sciences, public policy or (public) economics to join us in Amsterdam.

Your role in the Circle Economy team

As an analyst for the programme on Jobs and Skills in the circular economy, you will be part of a new team, which is set to grow further in the future. Your job will be to carry out research on the topic, organise workshops and roundtable sessions to convene stakeholders, and support setting up the programme in the practice of Circle Economy. You will be reporting to the programme manager.

Your key responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out research and quantitative and qualitative analysis on the topic of jobs and skills in the circular economy;
  • Make communication materials, such as presentations, newsletters and other advocacy materials, for the programme and its activities;
  • Collect and organise stakeholder feedback that will inform the strategy development of the programme; and
  • Support the programme manager in:
    • Organising roundtable sessions to convene stakeholders and gather insights;
    • Driving the strategic development of the programme; and
    • Developing a logical framework for the programme.

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