PhD Position Social Entrepreneurship

  • Interim
  • Groningen

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

We are looking for a PhD candidate with a passion for sustainability and social entrepreneurship, who will form part of the team responsible for research and teaching in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship in a circular economy. To this end, regional collaboration is high on the agenda. Together with your team and colleagues, you will carry out various duties with passion, including:

  • PhD research about social entrepreneurship,
  • supporting teaching in various course units for the master’s degree programme in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • supervising student projects
  • initiating and maintaining innovative and intensive partnerships with regional partners.

Together with your supervisors Prof. Gjalt de Jong and Dr. Emma Folmer, you will study causes and consequences of social entrepreneurship. An increasing number of entrepreneurs in the region are focusing on social contributions to society and use this in their business models. This brings many interesting challenges including the role of leadership, partnerships, networks and government policy. The research activities can therefore include (but are not limited to) questions around place-based impact of social enterprises, public-private partnerships between government and social enterprises as well as collaboration in networks of social enterprises more generally. Your project will benefit from the ongoing sustainability/social enterprise research within the existing chair group including research based on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor data.

The PhD position falls under the Sustainable Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy chair group. At the moment, five Assistant Professors and eight PhD students are taking care of the Faculty’s teaching and research. The team is actively engaged in applying our insights regionally. They are very committed, sustainable and entrepreneurial lecturers and researchers, each with their own profile (for example, in social entrepreneurship or sustainable business models). With an enthusiastic approach they deliver high-quality teaching and research on meaningful topics. Together, we are the socially conscious and committed builders of the new chair group, of Campus Fryslân, and of a better world.

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