Manager Sustainable & Alternative Agricultural Supply Chains

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Cefetra Group

Rotterdam-based trading company Cefetra is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural raw materials in Europe and delivers their product to the animal feed, food and fuel industries. The company is positioned as a supplier /seller in markets which require expertise in all the key areas of the commodity value chain.

Cefetra does not limit itself purely to the supply of raw materials. What distinguishes Cefetra is the services it offers in terms of efficiency, Logistics, transparency and Information exchange. These are important elements for a successful partnership with buyers, suppliers, and service providers. It has proved to be very important for the implementation of certified responsible soya. At the moment Cefetra is the largest supplier of certified responsible soya into Europe.

Coming years the agricultural market will increase the focus on adding value while reducing negative climatic and environmental impact. This will be reflected in alternative production systems, such as local, sustainable or other certified agricultural products. In this respect Cefetra’s strongly believes that it’s knowledge and expertise can be of great value. In this regards Cefetra is looking for a new employee that can support the company and its partners in this market transition.

Manager Sustainable & Alternative Supply Chains ( 32-40 hrs per week)

In this function you will coordinate and promote the existing sustainable soy programs Certified Responsible Soy (CRS) and Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) and develop and implement other sustainable and alternative agricultural supply chains. Its important that you will engage in a constant dialogue with key players in the European feed and food industry to set out the future for agricultural supply chains that meet the right standards.

Job Content

  • Coordinate the existing sustainable soya programs within the group
  • Visit customers to promote sustainable supply chains
  • Develop and coordinate a variety of alternative supply chain projects, ideas and strategies
  • Translate alternative supply chain concepts into business concepts
  • Develop a model for recording progress and achievement of objectives
  • Representing Cefetra at network events and multistakeholder projects

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