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Using your knowledge on topics like biodiversity and deforestation, you will play a key role in achieving the Ahold Delhaize ambitions to have products that are free from land conversion and produced in a responsible way. Together with the team, you will be key in achieving Ahold Delhaize’s net zero commitments as part of the Healthier Planet strategy.

Hi, we are Ahold Delhaize, a global family of caring brands
Helping people eat well, save time, and live better. That is what Ahold Delhaize (55m weekly customers, 413k colleagues) stands for. As one of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking food retail groups, our global family of local brands creates inspiring shopping experiences. Whether people shop at brick-and-mortars, prefer quick pick-ups, or opt for the convenience of ordering online, Ahold Delhaize delivers.

We are growing our business quickly and responsibly. We advocate and accelerate sustainable retailing, responsible sourcing, supporting local communities, and helping customers make healthier choices in a world in transition. That requires the courage and wholeheartedness to have conviction and stand up for what we believe in. It also takes a growth-hacking mindset: tomorrow’s opportunities call for tomorrow’s skills. But most of all, it requires us to be there for the people and communities we serve. #daretocare

What you will focus on
As Manager Biodiversity & Product Sustainability you will be part of the team that takes the lead in Ahold Delhaize’s ambitions to drive the decarbonization of our own operations, our brand’s supply chains and the transition to an inclusive and regenerative food system supporting biodiversity and reducing waste. To do this, transparency in the supply chain is prerequisite. Besides biodiversity and animal welfare, specific critical commodities are in scope for this role, which currently include tea, coffee, cocoa, seafood, palm oil, wood fiber and soy. You will act as a source of expertise on product sustainability on these topics, educate associates, provide our 21 retail brands with advice and monitor compliance.

The position of Manager Biodiversity & Product Sustainability is highly impactful because you will advise on and contribute to multifunctional, group-wide projects related to a sustainable value chain, grasping opportunities to scale and share best practices across the group. Boundless pioneering is often the name of the game because nothing is set in stone, so you have to think strategically and adopt a hypothesis-driven mindset. How can we reach our commercial targets, whilst playing a role in the transition to a sustainable food system?

You will contribute to the development of our global approach to biodiversity and regenerative agriculture, global targets and policies and opportunities to scale and share best practice across the group. You’ll develop and implement an annual product risk analysis with brands, together with product sustainability peers and key business leaders. You will advise leadership teams and key business stakeholders on product sustainability by keeping up with relevant developments. Furthermore, you develop and deliver strong relationships with strategic external experts and networks which support, accelerate, and amplify Ahold Delhaize’s climate and environment strategy.

Dive wholeheartedly into these key responsibilities

  • Develop and communicate Ahold Delhaize’s Sustainable Product policies related to critical commodities and animal welfare across all retail brands.
  • Plan and execute assigned product sustainability projects, leading (improvement) projects to implement new systems, procedures, and processes.
  • Advise key business leaders and management on product sustainability, developing and maintaining a strong network of Ahold Delhaize’s OpCo’s product sustainability peers and key business leaders.
  • Support the Director of Climate Value Chain to build and maintain good relationships with NGOs, working on issues relevant to key commodities and animal welfare and represent Ahold Delhaize on relevant industry working groups.
  • Consider recommendations from external stakeholders (NGO partners, benchmarking groups and other experts) to be translated into strategy and practical plans

This position is located at our office in Zaandam, we offer the flexibility to work partly from home and from the office.

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