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Help us improve conditions in our supply chains by implementing BSCI

As a wholesaler in packaging for Food and Horticulture we source from suppliers all over the world. We feel a responsibility for the working conditions in our supply chains, especially for those in high-risk countries such as Vietnam, China, India and Turkey. Thus we have set ourselves the 2025 target for high-risk countries to only source from suppliers that score a minimum of C on BSCI. We have been working with Amfori BSCI for years, but as we haven’t steered on this we have some catching up to do.

Paardekooper wants to lead the European field in sustainable packaging

We’re keen to be a part of the solution to a worldwide problem. Paardekooper intends to make a difference in the world of packaging, and to lead the European field in sustainable packaging. We aim to do this by offering and developing more sustainable alternatives and by embracing reuse. We stand alongside our people, customers and partners to face up to this challenge and mobilize the packaging industry. That’s how we’ll help make a better world for generations to come.?If you want to know more about our sustainability strategy RESPECT, check our website.

Our question

To enroll all our suppliers in high-risk countries in the BSCI platform we need your help! Together with our sustainability advisors you will be the contact for our suppliers assisting them in enrolling with Amfori BSCI. After our procurement colleagues inform our suppliers that they will be invited for BSCI, we need to add them to our Platform, make sure they sign the participation agreement, answer the questionnaire and have their production locations audited. Next to this project you will be able to take part in some of our other current sustainability projects. Of course this depends on the projects we will be working on at the time, you can expect anything from collecting data for the upcoming sustainability report to answering colleagues’ sustainability questions and thinking of new ways to improve on different sustainability aspects.

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