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Do you aspire to have an impact at ASML and beyond? This is your chance to experience firsthand how increasing stakeholder requirements drive the daily work of our company. The stimulating and inspiring environment of the ESG Sustainability team is ideal for ambitious high-potential talent that wants to become a broader professional.
As an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry, ASML wants to take its responsibility and be a top performer on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Sustainability. We are on a journey to have a carbon neutral value chain by 2040 and to have zero waste from our operations to landfill and incineration by 2030.
In addition, we want to provide an attractive and inclusive workplace for all and take care of people in our value chain and communities around our sites. To achieve these ambitious goals, we are transforming our organization to ensure that our ESG objectives are structurally included in our decision-making.
As part of this transformation, an ESG sustainability program management team has been created to manage the cross-sector and cross-BL projects and programs that are required to meet our requirements. We are looking for an additional senior project/program manager for this team.

Role and responsibilities

ASML’s strategy on ESG sustainability is built around 9 main themes:
  • 2 themes on Environment: (1) energy efficiency & climate action and (2) circular economy
  • 4 themes on Social: (3) attractive workplace for all, (4) responsible supply chain, (5) innovation ecosystem and (6) valued partner in our communities
  • 3 themes on Governance: (7) integrated governance, (8) engaged stakeholders, (9) transparent reporting
For all themes, cross sector programs and projects are being defined to achieve the targets as set in ASML’s sustainability roadmap.
As ESG program manager Environment, you will be responsible for orchestration of all projects related to environmental sustainability. You will be reporting to the head of ESG program management. All Business Lines and most of the sectors in ASML are involved in achieving our environmental sustainability targets. Therefore this role provides a unique opportunity to work with a very broad stakeholder landscape in the company, and enables you to build and extensive network at (sr.) management level. The role will include reporting to sr. management up to Board level.
Your tasks will include:
  • Definition of projects required to meet the targets as defined in ASML’s ESG sustainability roadmap together with key stakeholders in the sectors involved and the ESG strategy team.
  • Define clear governance structure for these projects, incl. ownership and reporting lines
  • Creation and maintenance of work breakdown and planning for these projects
  • Tracking progress and driving the execution
  • Maintaining progress dashboard(s), internal reporting and stakeholder management.
The ESG sustainability program team is expanding to support ASML’s sustainability challenges. On short term, you will be responsible to manage the projects on energy efficiency and climate action. On mid term (1-2 years) the plan is to extend the team with multiple project leads managing the environmental topics. At that time this position will change into a PCM role and these project leads will be reporting to you.

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