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With our unique Cycles we protect and secure our key resources (Milk, Water and Plastic) & we take a strategic approach to Procurement to support the business and social agenda of Danone. We are one team of procurement professionals worldwide working closely together with our colleagues across the Company. We secure competitive, sustainable resources, seek innovative solutions, and partner up with suppliers aligned to our vision.

The ingredients team is part of the Cycles and Procurement (C&P) organization and overseeing:

  • Commodities (palm oil, sugar, cocoa etc.)
  • Specialty Ingredients (color, flavor, starch, cultures and enzymes, etc.)
  • Dairy Ingredients
  • Food (fruits preparations, fruits upstream, fish, meat vegetables etc.)

Danone is at the forefront of the sustainability agenda and has made several commitments that impact these categories:

  • Zero deforestation
  • Implementation of regenerative agriculture (France, EU)
  • SBTi 1.5 (which involve a reduction of CO2 for ingredients of 30%).

The Cycles and Procurement Global Sustainability Manager for the Ingredients team is responsible for supporting the buyers to design and drive strategies on the sustainable sourcing of the categories.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Shape the agenda for Zero Deforestation, Regenerative Agriculture. Human rights in Directs sourcing and SBTi targets, and report to the Global Category Sourcing Director and member of the Global Ingredients Leadership team.
  • Interact with our NGO partners. Lead discussions with our partners (Rainforest alliance etc.)
  • Zero deforestation strategy and roadmap for priority categories: sugarcane and palm oil
  • Finalize forest strategy and communicate to suppliers
  • Drive the discussion with suppliers to define scope, timing, objectives and KPI
  • Follow-up on commitments, target, KPIs, projects
  • Re-assess priorities for 2023 and beyond
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Define roadmap / projects on regenerative agriculture (Fruits, Sugar beets, Palm oil, Other relevant categories, SBTi 1.5)
  • Build roadmap to achieve the 30% reduction required to meet our SBTi targets
  • Drive the discussion with suppliers to define scope, timing, objectives and KPI
  • Follow-up on commitments, target, KPIs, projects
  • Coordinate relevant internal stakeholders (buyers and One Planet team) contributing to the sustainable sourcing strategies
  • Lead priority topics, such as:
  • Palm oil roadmap for RSPO segregated supply chain in the US (Palm oil traceability, risk assessment and supplier monitoring, Sugarcane roadmap for compliance: traceability, risk assessment, roadmap per CBUs)
  • Reporting: facilitate CDP and other reporting to the One Planet team (assisting data collection but not managing the reporting per se)
  • Design, support and follow projects touching on social inclusiveness and environmental such as L3F or Ecosystem ones
  • Raise awareness towards C&P and brands communities: shed light on our social and environmental footprint, our initiatives and commitment, improve internal visibility.
  • Engagement and communication: activate internal and external communication teams advocate Danone’s sustainability commitment and actions through powerful storytelling
  • Support topline and global customer teams in making our achievements concrete and a leverage for growth and innovation
  • Connect with peers: in industry platform (SAI, CGF, etc.) or one-to-one approach for ad-hoc project
  • Watch on social innovation: peer-to-peer, crowdsourcing/funding, direct delivery, product traceability, social networks .

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