Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist

  • Dienstverband
  • Den Haag


Aramco is a world leader in integrated energy and chemicals, our offices in Europe support a wide range of activities from facilitating the safe and reliable delivery of energy to customers around the globe, to pushing for breakthroughs in research and innovation.

Aramco Overseas Company are seeking a well-rounded and seasoned professional that is able to identify CSR investment, partnerships and donations opportunities that are aligned with the SAO Strategy.

Key Responsibilities

Social Responsibility:

  • Provide, research, local insights, engagement, and Ad hoc requests to support the implementation of Aramco’s global programs
  • Review and provide input to the feasibility studies to examine applicability of the topic’s areas being proposed by the Citizenship team as potential global signature programs to existing Aramco’s areas of operations and markets of primary interest this includes:
  • Conducting comprehensive research and analysis studies
  • Data gathering
  • Positioning and scoping.
  • Work with HQ on the detailed roadmap for prototyping Aramco’s approved global signature concepts including all activities involved in prototyping and launching the approved signature programs.
  • Work with HQ on activating the roadmap, which includes a methodology, timelines, deliverables, and tasks along with enablers throughout a program lifecycle of 3-5 years.
  • Work with HQ on reporting on the developed KPIs subject to the Aramco’s review and approval, impact measurement, and communication plans for each program in alignment with the company’s Environmental Social & Governance Strategy & Reporting Department.
  • Recommending strategic partnerships with leading entities worldwide where we selectively invest in viable partnerships that has potential for strategic and material support and can extend our reach internationally.
  • Work with HQ on identifying governance gaps


  • Evaluate sponsorship proposals and requests and provide evaluation on return for company
  • Negotiate best sponsorship packages for company on behalf of proponents
  • Coordinate approvals and contracts between proponent, sponsorship committee, contracts team and external organizations
  • In coordination with team, leverage communication channels to promote sponsorships
  • Coordinate sponsorship logistics with proponent and other relevant team members


  • Identify volunteering opportunities that are aligned with the company mission and that are engaging for employees and provide a win-win return: support community, elevate company reputation, rewarding experience for employees
  • Liaise with organizers for all contracts and logistics
  • Lead activities