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Ahold Delhaize

Using your business experience, you will advise Ahold Delhaize’s retail brands on consumer health. Supporting the Director of Health Led Transformation and the wider Health and Sustainability team, you’re responsible for Ahold Delhaize’s ambitions on health and the intersections between Health and Sustainability, building an engaged and active culture around health and sustainability and developing metrics on health to drive social, environmental and economic impact simultaneously.

Hi, we are Ahold Delhaize, a global family of caring brands
Helping people eat well, save time, and live better. That is what Ahold Delhaize (55m weekly customers, 413k colleagues) stands for. As one of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking food retail groups, our global family of local brands creates inspiring shopping experiences. Whether people shop at brick-and-mortars, prefer quick pick-ups, or opt for the convenience of ordering online, Ahold Delhaize delivers.

We are growing our business quickly and responsibly. We advocate and accelerate sustainable retailing, responsible sourcing, supporting local communities, and helping customers make healthier choices in a world in transition. That requires the courage and wholeheartedness to have convictions and stand up for what we believe in. It also takes a growth-hacking mindset: tomorrow’s opportunities call for tomorrow’s skills. But most of all, it requires us to be there for the people and communities we serve. #daretocare

What you will focus on 

As Consultant Health & Sustainability at Ahold Delhaize, you take the lead in supporting a shift in healthier and more sustainable consumer diets through taking a holistic approach whilst maintain-ing sales volumes, profitability and consumer satisfaction. You will support our 21 retail brands to help customers in reviewing how the products they purchase are increasing their healthy diet and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

By advising and collaborating with the brands on health strategy, capability development and de-veloping a multi-annual plan, you’ll contribute to the goal of shifting consumers towards more plant based and sustainable diets. You’ll initiate, develop and facilitate platforms for sharing cus-tomer insights, commercial concepts and other learnings among our worldwide retail brands. Fur-thermore, you will initiate, lead and implement external strategic partnerships  to build our knowledge and better our position as a leading retailer.

Boundless pioneering is often the name of the game because nothing is set in stone, so you have to think strategically and adopt a hypothesis-driven mindset. How can we help our customers in shifting towards healthier diets, while maintaining consumer satisfaction and profitability? As Consultant Health & Sustainability you will strive answer these – and many other – questions, working in tandem with relevant groups like Brand Leaders, Brand Commercial Leads, Finance, HR and Communications.

Dive wholeheartedly into these key responsibilities        

  • Support the Director of Health Lead Transformation in the development of a holistic global health approach.
  • Collaborate and co-create with Ahold Delhaize brands to drive innovation in product nutrition and healthy eating programs for Ahold Delhaize customers and associates, in partnership with colleagues on the global or regional Health & Sustainability teams and other related functions.
  • Collaborate with data analytics teams (such as Digital, HR, or Finance/BPP) or brands to col-lect (customer) data and perform analysis. Analyze the impact of Ahold Delhaize brands health interventions, measure outcomes, segment consumers groups as input for the fur-ther development of healthy people strategy and policies.
  • Develop and maintain health-related policies and guidelines (e.g. marketing policies, prod-uct reformulation guidelines, nutritional algorithms), and ensure alignment with other re-lated Ahold Delhaize policies.
  • Initiate and lead on communication concepts and messages regarding healthy people am-bition and strategy to ensure the right exposure for Ahold Delhaize externally and internal-ly increase engagement from leadership across key functions.
  • Represent Ahold Delhaize as needed on external committees or through speaking en-gagements related to health.

This position is located at our office in Zaandam, we offer the flexibility to work from home and from the office.

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