Consultant Circular Economy

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In this role, you have the opportunity to
Contribute to the realization of Philips’ ambitious targets in Circular Economy as part of its Healthy People, Healthy Planet program. You will support Philips’ ambitions in Circular Economy by providing your Circular Economy related expertise to the Philips organization and beyond. Are you passionate about the potential that Circular Economy offers? Do you understand what it takes to lead change and to achieve sustainable progress in a complex environment? Ready for a meaningful new challenge? Apply today!

Philips is a leader in Circular Economy and is stepping up its efforts to realize its objectives: By 2025, generate 25% of the total revenue from circular propositions and closing the loop for large professional equipment, as well as extending those practices across the full professional portfolio. You will have a pivotal role in driving circular initiatives inside and outside of Philips businesses.

Your Responsibilities

  • Pro-actively shape, manage and participate in cross-functional & multi-disciplinary Circular Economy projects.
  • Translate business needs into practical circular solutions with solid business cases.
  • Act hands-on and implement sustainable results at clients’ location.
  • Manage expectations with stakeholders at all levels inside and outside of Philips.
  • Master the latest Circular Economy principles and methodologies and trends.
  • Develop and maintain a network of clients and identify and follow up leads into new projects.

You are part of

Philips Innovation Services (PInS). PInS is an integral part of Innovation & Strategy, which is guiding the course of the company and enabling us to achieve our ambitions in health technology through innovation. At PInS we have invested in our own team of Circular Economy consultants and experts who focus on realizing systemic and sub-systemic opportunity and compliance oriented solutions to complex sustainability challenges. Please find out more on our Circular Economy Services page.

From our toxicologists to our system architects all the way to our business model innovation experts you will be able to work together with a pool of 800 experts to provide our clients with solutions from the “Moonshot” to the “Molecule”. In this way, we help our partners demonstrate that we can do “Well and Good” at the same time. We like to believe that our work starts with asking the right questions and have developed a structured approach to exploring how our clients can contribute to embedding common purpose across the organization while driving innovation in a way that strengthens existing company frameworks.

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