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Fairphone is a social enterprise driving change in the electronics industry from the inside out. Our business model is based on social values and securing continuity and centers around producing and marketing smartphones in a way that puts social and environmental values first.

One of Fairphones’ objectives is to reduce the world’s e-waste while significantly bringing down the environmental footprint of our products’ life cycle. We do that by designing long-lasting products, building an eco-system that facilitates a longer use, and by taking responsibility on electronics take-back and recycling, even if not our products. By setting an example on how to apply circular economy theory to practice, we aim to inspire the industry to act more sustainably.

In order to give our circular Thought Leadership additional power, we are looking for a circular material chains innovator to become part of our growing team of passionate people who work to achieve true impact. If you are as excited as we are about creating positive change, then have a look at our vacancy below.

About your Role

In your role as our Circulair Material Chains Innovator, you will be working within the Impact Innovation team of Fairphone and report to the Impact Innovation Director.

You will initiate research, develop and operationalize (pilot) programs that foster circularity and sustainability in the lifecycle of mobile phones. This means you will be driving innovations and partnerships that will help us reach our company targets on product longevity and take-back/recycling (including in less-developed countries), as well as building Fairphone’s expertise to further develop our Thought Leadership on these topics within the industry. To accomplish this, you will work closely with the product team as well as the operations team and will carry out multiple tasks, from data analysis to project management.

You are someone who has a strong knowledge of and experience in circular chains, and likes to deep-dive into the data as much as mobilizing others to join efforts. You have excellent analytical skills, but are also strong in translating theory into practice. You speak the language of both the private, public sector and civil society (NGOs), and as an ambassador of Fairphone’s mission, you can convince others of the business case and benefits of a world circular economy and build effective partnerships for change.


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