Benchmark Manager

  • Dienstverband
  • Haarlem

Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)

Core Responsibilities

  • Oversee and manage the GSSI Benchmark Process, including ongoing monitoring of alignment
  • Oversee and manage the development of the Global Benchmark Tool V.2.0
  • Be responsible for the quality assurance of the GSSI Benchmark Process
  • Continuously improve the GSSI Benchmark Process and administration


Oversee multiple Benchmark Processes simultaneously and ensure they run efficiently and effectively;

  • Introduce applicant schemes and new partners of GSSI to the Global Benchmark Tool;
  • Coordinate Independent Experts and Benchmark Committee Members to conduct the benchmark research and revision;
  • Support resolution of technical issues by acting as liaison between the schemes, Independent Experts and Benchmark Committee Members;
  • Plan and facilitate regular meetings between all stakeholders involved in the process;
  • Prepare reports (namely the benchmark reports) and other communication pieces for external and internal audiences;
  • Organize public consultations on benchmark reports;
  • Coordinate the Monitoring of Continued Alignment processes and trouble shoot/amend as necessary.

Manage the development of the Global Benchmark Tool 2.0

  • Manage the global multi-stakeholder process to revise the Global Benchmark Tool v 1.0 and develop the Global Benchmark Tool v 2.0;
  • Oversee the coordination of the GSSI Expert Working Groups who will inform the content/indicator updates;
  • Oversee the review and revision of the Benchmark Process and updating of the Benchmark Manual.


  • Develop and oversee training of Independent Experts and Benchmark Committee Members on the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool and the related Benchmark Process;
  • Develop and update training materials (for v 1.0 and 2.0).

Communication and Representation

  • Draft regular benchmarking updates and presentations for the GSSI Steering Board and Executive Committee meetings;
  • Represent GSSI at international conferences and events.


  • Arrange contracts for applicant schemes
  • Arrange contracts for Independent Experts;
  • Oversee financial administration of the benchmark process.

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