Nederlands Mission Control Center voor energietransitie SDG 7 en grondstoffentransitie SDG 12

…in Nederland een oproep om actief mee te helpen aan de missies: Schone en betaalbare energie voor iedereen in 2030, en verantwoordelijke productie en consumptie in 2030! Claim je missie op SDG 7 of SDG 12 of meldt je aan voor Worlds Mission Control via Data for Good:… ... lees meer

Data for Good partnernieuws

…untrustworthy. That’s why we created Data for Good. We want to be your online Mission Control center for global challenges that Unite people, knowledge, and data. Data for Good is a unifying SaaS & Social Media Platform that connects communities, companies, and governments. Data for Good gives them a platform… ... lees meer

Unilever sets out new actions to fight climate change, and protect and regenerate nature, to preserve resources for future generations

…ambition to communicate the carbon footprint of every product we sell. To do this, we will set up a system for our suppliers to declare, on each invoice, the carbon footprint of the goods and services provided; and we will create partnerships with other businesses and organisations to standardise data… ... lees meer

Arcadis en Data for Good slaan handen ineen om duurzaamheidsdata van steden en dorpen bereikbaar en begrijpbaar te maken voor iedereen

Data for Good – het social media platform met free data exchange, is joining forces met Arcadis wereldwijd. Arcadis meet jaarlijks steden op de topics People, Planet, Profit en presenteert dit overzicht in de ‘Arcadis Sustainable City Index’. Data for Good visualiseert de Sustainable City Index interactief op de Data… ... lees meer

Largest mining companies in danger of perceived ‘SDG-washing’ over selective reporting

…For example, investor-led demands for disclosure of the location and safety of mine tailings storage facilities have prompted more complete and more publicly available data of critical interest to share- and bondholders, insurers and governments. “While the trust-deficit with society is recognised as the number one risk for mining companies,… ... lees meer

Child labour and human trafficking remain important concerns in global supply chains

…addressing gaps in statutory legislation, enforcement, and access to justice (which creates space for non-compliance) and in establishing a framework for responsible business conduct. It also examines how Governments can lead by example by integrating due diligence considerations into their own activities as procurers of goods and services, owners of… ... lees meer

United Nations Global Compact issues new report to help companies advance human rights

…addresses how companies can embed human rights into their corporate strategies and advance people-centred solutions to growing global challenges. “In a rapidly-shifting world, human rights have proven to be a grounding force for leaders of all kinds. Business respect for human rights is about investing in your workforce: retaining good… ... lees meer

New Ceres report calls on major food companies to use vanishing water resources more efficiently

…on how they manage water through governance and strategy and in their direct operations, manufacturing and agricultural supply chains. This report is made possible, in part, by the generous support of The Walton Family Foundation: “Farmers and business leaders who are on the leading curve understand that being good with… ... lees meer