fetch launches digital platform to bring together corporates and innovators tackling the SDGs


fetch, a Dutch-based enterprise is launching a global digital platform that brings together corporates and start-ups worldwide to tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  With strategic partners Agora Partnerships, Circle Economy and TechForGood as a content partner, fetch provides a unique match-making service between companies and sustainability and social-driven start-ups that have at least one revenue stream linked to addressing one of UN 17 SDGs.  A supporter of the SDGs, fetch is also a signatory of the Dutch SDG Charter.

According to a report by Business & Sustainable Development Commission, embedding sustainability and aligning business operations with the SDGs to could open economic opportunities worth up to US$12 trillion and increase employment by up to 380 million jobs by 2030.

The new platform provides start-ups an opportunity to showcase their market-ready innovations to corporates, who can search for these innovators based on the SDGs and four economic systems: food and agriculture, health and well-being, cities and energy and materials.  Corporates can use fetch as a source of innovations that can help them fulfill their sustainability commitments while understanding how with the implementation of the solutions these start-ups provide can tackle the SDGs.

“fetch is born from years of research and understanding of what the market needs to making the world a more sustainable place.  Through my experience in working with corporates and feedback from start-ups, I saw a gap and a channel missing in connecting the two together,” said Alison Azaria, founder of fetch.

“Much of the times, after start-ups have successfully gone through the incubator process, they try to promote themselves through various different topic-based platforms.  While these platforms do serve as a great way for start-ups to gain exposure, it requires managing many different accounts and profiles.  Moreover, corporates will also have to visit these various sites to look for what they want.  The idea for fetch is to create one global digital platform where members can search for innovations that align with their goals around all topics under the sustainability umbrella and the SDGs.”

There are currently over 200 market-ready sustainability and social-driven start-ups and innovations featured on fetch.  The aim of fetch is to become the world’s largest digital platform with a searchable database of sustainability and social innovations around the globe, categorized by SDGs.  Both corporates and solution providers can currently join fetch for free.

fetch will continue to evolve and partner with sustainability incubators, innovation centers, knowledge hubs and sustainability media platforms to serve the corporations in achieving operational sustainability and the market in enabling our generations and the generations to come live a more sustainable and responsible life.

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