True Price Festival 2022


16:30 - 19:00


Circulaire Paviljoen Circl
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, Amsterdam
Circulaire Paviljoen Circl
True Price Festival 2022

The True Price Festival is back! Another year of our mission to move from bad prices to true prices, and we would love for you to join us!  

On November 25th at 16:30 the doors at CIRCL, Amsterdam, will open for our guests, and at 17:00 we will kick off our 2-hour program. This year’s edition is all about the true price of consumerism, and a unique chance to help you improve your purchase decisions. 

We all do it: in the supermarket, in the store, or when buying something online; we compare not just prices and brands, but also their quality and impact. How can we know what to choose, what is less harmful to the environment and what is better for the people that produce it. There is so much information, and yet we don’t really know much of the truth behind what we consume. Given the context of rising prices and climate urgency, we must address this challenge, and what moment is better to do this than on Black Friday, the international day of excessive consumption.

Reasons to join

You’ll challenge your knowledge 

You’ll have fun 

You’ll try out some great true priced products 

You’ll be part of the first in-person True Price Festival ever 

Program Overview

[16:30-17:00] Walk-in and session registration

[17:00-18:00] Talks on True Price, Black Friday, and consumer role   

[18:00-19:00] Interactive after sessions (registration upon arrival)  




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