Executive Education Program: ‘NFI Audit Ready’

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Date(s) - 11/05/2022
09:00 - 13:00

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Sustainability reporting, a must for many organizations and soon, even an obligation in Europe. Understanding sustainability standards is one thing, but preparing for a limited or reasonable assurance audit is another. The effort of preparing for such audits will be much more productive and less exhaustive for your organization when you understand the minimum requirements an auditor has in order to issue an audit opinion on a sustainability report.

Intire, in collaboration with Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA, will be providing the Executive Education program ‘NFI Audit Ready’ . This program enhances your knowledge and skills in order to get audit-ready for your sustainability reporting. The program is beneficial for and aimed at a wide variety of professionals, such as financials as well as non-financials, management, project leaders, and other sustainability professionals.

The program will be taught by Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA, a Dutch Chartered Accountant (In Dutch known as “Registeraccountant”). He is an experienced accountant in both the private sector with EY and the public sector with the Dutch Ministry of Finance. On top of that, he is a lecturer at Nyenrode Business University. Hence, he is an expert when it comes to auditing in the face of (sustainability) reporting.

Do you want to be ready with all the knowledge necessary to get your organization audit-ready for sustainability reporting? Register now for the Executive Education Program on the 11th of May from 9:00 till 13:00 CET at the Intire office in The Hague. Lunch will be provided for all attendees.


Date: 11th of May
Time: 9:00-13:00 CET, lunch included
Location: Benoordenhoutseweg 46, 2596 BC The Hague
Investment: starting offer of the first Executive Education Program hosted of 699 EUR participant fee.

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